Recommended Courses for Artists

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These days it is easier than ever to get a high-quality art education at a low price. With a plethora of free options available online there are even better options if you have just a little bit of money to invest.

The good news is that there are options suitable to any level of income too!

Beyond the courses for learning how to make better art, there are a number of courses I would recommend if you are interested in learning to make a full-time income as an artist as well. More specifically, a full-time online income.

Heck, I likely will create my own courses one day towards assisting in achieving that goal.

For now, here are some courses and services that I have used that I would recommend.

Online Art Courses

When it comes to online art courses there are quite a few to choose from.

At this point, the course I am about to recommend is the only online art course I have taken so far.

I know of many others that I’m sure are great because of the quality of the work the artists do online.

Courses by YouTubers like Stan Prokopenko or TenHundred I’m sure would be amazing courses to take. Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable recommending them to you until I have some hands-on experience with them.

This page is definitely going to grow with time as I take more courses and figure out which ones I think will serve you the best!

Skillshare Courses

Learn on Skillshare

I have taken quite a few courses on Skillshare for a variety of things from iPhone photography to pattern design to video editing. There is much to be absorbed from the great creators of Skillshare!

I mainly joined for the drawing courses offered by Brent Eviston called “The Art and Science of Drawing” (Check out the trailer!). I’ve already learned a lot from this course on the fundamentals of drawing and composition but know there is a ton more for me to learn.

I still haven’t completed all of them yet.

This course alone makes it worth giving the free trial a go. As a creative person though I’m sure you will find all sorts of other things that you might want to check out and try too!

Internet Marketing Courses

If you are at all interested in making a full time living online as an artist then getting an education in internet marketing is a must have in my opinion.

A big part of becoming a full-time artist in today’s world is having an understanding that YOU ARE a business. If you’re looking to have the creative freedom to do your own thing as an artist then you need to study how to create online brands.

If that sounds boring to you, let me assure you, as a creative individual this is a whole new medium for you to work your magic in. It is a way to expand your creative skillset, which we are all about here, and for you to embrace the mantle of CREATOR!

As creators, we create everything! We write, we film, we record audio, we make art, we make products, we build machines, we create ads, we create and test ideas, we interpret data in creative ways, and the list goes on and on!

Just as with art courses there are many internet marketing courses to choose from online. I personally decided to go with Income School’s Project 24!

Here’s why!

Income School’s Project 24

For Ricky’s quote below go to 8 minutes 5 seconds in reference to all the ways you can make money online. (Click Here To Check out P24 Now!)

My journey to creating a successful online business began about 10 years ago.

I originally started off with a site-building platform that I would rather not name at this point. That said, they did have a program and philosophy that had a similar perspective as what is taught in Income School’s Project 24.

It was my first entry into the world of creating content. Luckily, I picked a program that helped drive home the fact that its content that serves the needs of others that will win in the long game online.

I made it far enough on my third site with them to get proof that making money online was possible. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t last long and I began to encounter issues. I ended up pulling the plug on the entire thing.

During that time Income School started to make a name for themselves. I started following Jim and Ricky almost right away. From my previous experiences what they had to say rang true to me.

Plus you can just sense their authenticity. I eventually signed up for Project 24. It took me a while to come around to joining but I’m glad that I did!

Whether you sell one or a thousand the work on your end is about the same.

Ricky Kessler, Income School

Once you join, you have access to many courses that will help you understand how to create content that will draw in traffic.

Whether you have ambitions to create your own art website like this one or you want to start a YouTube channel, they have a 60 step course that will walk you through each track step by step telling you everything you need to know along the way.

Beyond those two main courses, there are literally 20 other courses you can take to learn all about how to create content that will bring a return on your investment!

Not just that, they have a whole team that are all constantly conducting carefully controlled experiments to bring the community the most up to date information.

Between their courses, the Income School Team, and the entire Project 24 community you will be able to stay on the frontiers of content creation and how to create a brand that works!