About Art With Marc

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Art With Marc, as an organization, seeks to provide new artists with the information and inspiration they need to get started on their artistic journey.

We seek to amplify our own creativity while helping you amplify yours.

We will build a team and a library of resources that will help you learn to make, market, and monetize art.

In today’s day and age, there are many pathways to achieving a full-time income as an artist. We seek to explore and share those paths with you so that you might find the one that works best with who you are.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Our Story

When this site first started it was originally about Marc sharing his journey through the process of learning to create art.

So when it first started, in early 2019, it was originally called LearningArtWithMarc.com. Early on it was merely meant to serve as a public record of his development as an artist and a learning ground as a web creator.

Over time, as Marc has grown as a creator, his vision for this site and what can be accomplished with it has grown too. In June of 2020, he decided to do a minor rebranding and drop the Learning part of the name to just make the brand Art With Marc.

While it is largely still about Marc’s art journey and artwork, there is a greater objective of expanding that journey to include others. Not just those who may read this but the time is coming to bring others into the fold in the Art With Marc Studio.

The mission is to amplify creativity. The creativity of ourselves as well as the creativity of others.


There is so much more to explore and experiment with in the art world than just how to make art.

There are many more plans in the works for the future of this company and where it can go. With every step taken, the next step on the path comes into sight.

Let us help you take your first steps as an artist and join us as we take our next ones!