Acrylic Paint Kits With Everything A Beginner Needs

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At this point, I have been doing art and painting for almost two years. Using the experience I now have I have to ask myself, what acrylic paint kit would have been the best when I first started? What would have met my needs and fed my interest the most for the cheapest cost?

I remember I wanted a full set that came with an easel, canvas, brushes, and paints. At the time I wanted it right then and didn’t want to wait to order something online.

You’re already one step ahead of where I was by being on this page and doing your research.

That said, the exact sort of kits I wanted are currently available online for a range of varying prices. At the time I didn’t want to spend any more than $50 or $60 so for the purpose of this list I kept it only to options close to those price points.

These particular kits suited my desire to create a painting and then be able to hang it on my wall right away. An act that I personally feel is very gratifying and important for one to get the full reward of painting.

There is something special about hanging a painting on your wall that you made with your own hands. Gazing at it will help to motivate you to make more and get better.

These kits come with everything you need to accomplish that goal all in one package. Let’s take a look in more detail on what they come with to get you started.

The Complete Acrylic Paint Kit – Keff Creations

To accomplish the vision of making your first painting and hanging it on your wall your kit will need a very specific item, stretched canvas.

Lucky for us the Keff Creations Paint Kit comes with the exact kind of canvas that is easy to hang once completed. It comes with 6 stretched canvases in 3 different sizes.

It has 2 canvases in 8″ x 10″, 2 in 9″ x 12″, and 2 in 6″ x 16″ sizes.

It also comes with an adjustable easel that can adjust to hold canvases of different sizes.

Personally, I think this is a really cool kit to get started with and it’s only $59.99!

I question the quality of the paint as I have never heard of any Keff Creations paints before or seen any other products they may produce. That is something that really doesn’t matter that much for your first paintings though. At this point, it’s just for fun and to see if it is going to be something you’ll want to stick with.

When a kit comes with brushes, palette knives, 24 colors of paints, and a number of other goodies I’d say it has everything you could want or need to get started. Fully eliminating any potential excuses you may have!

The Meeden 48 Piece Acrylic Paint Set

The Meeden brand of paints is another brand I have yet to come across before. I don’t know if it’s just the way it is packaged but these seem like a higher quality paint then the Keff Creations.

Keep in mind I haven’t yet had the chance to try this product and am judging merely based on packaging and my experience with similar products.

That said, I don’t find this one quite as appealing for the simple fact that it only comes with one 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas. It does come with an additional three 9″ x 12″ panel canvases too.

It is a bit more expensive at $64.95 while coming with less than what you will get in the Keff Creations kit.

It does come with 24 colors of acrylic paint as well as a pretty nice set of paintbrushes. Palette and palette knives are included along with a tabletop easel.

All in all its not a terrible option it just may not be the best value for your money at this point. Even if it turns out the paint is better I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra money for someone getting started when there is another option that is better.

U.S. Art Supply 60 Piece Paint Kit

This paint set is on par with the Keff Creations set. At $49.96 it comes with roughly the same selection of materials to start with.

There are some differences to note though. Instead of 6 stretched canvases it only comes with 2. The 2 that it comes with are 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″.

While that is not as much stretched canvas as the Keff Creations Kit it is still better than the Meeden Kit. This one also comes with a 3 pack of 9″ x 12″ panels as well as a pad of 12 sheets of paper for acrylic painting.

While I don’t fancy these options because you would need a frame to hang them up they do make for a great way to practice and build up your confidence for cheap.

Acrylic painting paper is a good way to save money while you’re learning.

Just like the rest of the acrylic paint kits on this list this one comes with 24 colors of acrylic paint as well as a set of brushes and palette knives.

One other thing this kit and the Meeden kit come with that I almost forgot to mention is a color wheel.

While you can easily look one of these up online it could certainly help to have somewhere nearby while you are painting. Getting a grasp on the color wheel and color harmonies is one of the best things to start learning about painting right away.

So be sure to take advantage of that if you go with one of the kits that comes with it.