Free Procreate Tutorials For Beginners And The New Procreate 5

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If you’re new to Procreate then you’re going to want to learn the basics and follow some of the many free Procreate tutorials out there.

I only just started using Procreate myself this past year and have been meaning to invest more time into following some of the tutorials out there on this program. Lucky for both of us Procreate 5 just came out!

If you’re just now getting started with this awesome app then you’re probably looking for a little guidance to figure out how to get the most out of it. There are so many cool features to check out and plenty of benefits to working digitally.

The coolest new feature I am super excited to learn how to use is the animation feature!

I have found a couple of good channels on YouTube that you can follow to learn more about Procreate and how to use it.

Below you will find some channels and videos to help you out!

Procreate Beginners Guide Essentials

First, let’s cover the basics. There are a number of videos out there that will provide you will a basic introduction to the program, its brushes, its layers, and its many features.

The James Juliar Art Tutorials channel is a great channel to learn to do awesome landscapes. The landscape at the top of this post is a result of following his tutorial.

Here is his most recent Beginners Guide to Procreate.

Another great channel to follow is Bardot Brush. I haven’t done as many of her videos as I want to but will definitely be working through more as soon as I can.

Her intro to Procreate is pretty great as well and I think between these two videos you can learn most of what you need to know about the possibilities with this amazing art app.

Both of these creators also have videos covering the new Procreate 5 animation feature.

Bardot Brush’s video actually goes into a bit more depth covering all the new features. Since you’re likely here because you are brand new to procreate to build on the two videos above watch Bardot’s video titled “Procreate 5 // Everything New and How To Use It”.

Man, I can’t wait to learn how to use that animation feature better. On that note, that leads me to James’s newest video on the animation feature.

Here are some other cool YouTube channels producing Procreate tutorials that I haven’t yet tried but will be checking out soon.

Art With Flo literally popped up in my recommendation feed as I writing this. After taking a brief look at her collection of productions I will certainly be learning some things from her as well.

Here is here most recent video covering the animation feature as well. It looks like a fun little project to try!

If you know of some great YouTube Channels to follow that will help me and my visitors to learn Procreate better post them in the comments below!

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