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Becklying To Differ

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This painting goes pretty far back at this point. It feels like an eternity ago really. It was completed and posted February 16th 2020. It must be the first painting I was able to complete after my accident in January of 2020.

I starting my Instagram account while I was still in recovery and all the pictures on it up until this point where of previous works already completed. This acrylic painting is the first one on my Instagram account where I document the process each step of the way.

On top of that I created a blog post as well.

Inspired by the work of John Beckley, as many new abstract artists are these days, I sought to learn from him and also create something different and original. Hence the name, "Becklying To Differ"

To check out the blog post with all the steps documented in it click here!

If you'd like to see the early stages of my Instagram account where you can find a cluster of posts on this painting and it's development click here!

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