9 Awesome Acrylic Pour Artists On YouTube!

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Have you ever saw an acrylic pour artist doing their thing and thought “where is the creativity in that?!?”. I know I used to think that too when I first saw it.

I could be wrong about this but I feel like this reaction may be common. Just like with any discipline though, a great artist can make acrylic pouring look much easier than it is.

It’s easy to underestimate the skill and creativity it takes to be good at it until you actually try it out yourself.

On this page, I will cover some of the best acrylic pouring artists on the net and how learning from them can really help show you different ways to access the creative aspects of this art form.

There is much to be learned about how to become a great acrylic pour artist by studying these people and what they are doing.

Another thing I like to do when covering a collection of artists like this is to take a look at their online presence and the various ways they are going about monetizing their artwork.

If you’ve ever seen any of my YouTube videos, which you can check out here, my main mission with all of my art content is to learn to “Make, Market, and Monetize Art”. Then of course to share every ounce of it with you!

So when I do these artist round-ups I just can’t help myself but look at their entire game. As they say, success leaves clues! Let’s see what we can find out!

The Dirty Artist

The Dirty Artists appeared on YouTube sometime in the middle of 2019. This was one of the first pour artists that really opened up my eyes to where the creative aspects in acrylic pouring lay.

He breaks all barriers of the common poor techniques and has created many of his own that are now very popular.

In fact, that is a common quality among the artists on this list. They create their own pouring techniques which makes all the difference in their work too.

Once this channel emerged and started growing rapidly I began to see a number of other channels on this list pop up as well.

The Dirty Artist never really explains anything he is doing and basically just demonstrates various different ways to approach your pours. His music choices are excellent and he keeps the pacing nice and chill so you can enjoy the process.

Watching this artist’s work you can really see that the bulk of the creativity lies in how you layer your paints, what you layer them in, how thick or thin they are, and how you choose to pour them.

I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to his channel!

The Dirty Artist does a pretty good job with his online web presence as well.

I always feel it’s important to take a look at what other ways successful artists on YouTube are servicing their audience and, more specifically, how they are monetizing their audience as well.

The Dirty Artist has a done a pretty good job building up his presence across the web on other platforms and has them all linked in his about page.

His website is sleek and clean. This is a really great approach towards getting more out of his audience than just advertising dollars.

If anyone watches one of his videos and wants to buy a piece of his artwork all they have to do is go to his site.

Beyond that, he offers an expanded array of merchandise through his Teespring storefront. This makes me happy to see he is utilizing the enormous benefits of today Print On Demand market.

He also has a presence in Instagram and Facebook. All in all he is doing pretty good at building his brand up across the net.

Tiktus Color Art

Tiktus Color Art is a channel very similar to the Dirty Artist.

He has so many different ways of pouring his paints that it makes your want to start collecting all kinds of items so you can perform your own pouring experiments.

Do it! That’s how you get creative in this art form!

The Tiktus channel has grown even more rapidly than some of the others on this list in this past year. Likely due to his eye-popping color choices, chill music, and relaxing video demonstrations.

I must admit, it is quite satisfying to just watch someone good at pouring do their thing.

If I have any critique of Tiktus it would be that he needs to step up his web game a bit. His about section on his YouTube channel is a bit light and his website he has linked leaves much to be desired.

I guess that all really depends on what his personal goals are as an artist though. The only reason I say that is that he has a substantial subscriber base that he could be monetizing in a variety of other ways. Other than just YouTube advertising.

Perhaps making a full-time income online as an artist isn’t among his goals or maybe he already is making money as an artist and is happy with where he is.

Either way, as a web creator who is looking to share with you all the ways artists can make money online I felt it was important to point this out.

Olga Soby – Smart Art Materials

Olga Soby’s Smart Art Materials is the first on our list who actually hosts her channel and tries to provide quality information for you to use to help you in your own pouring experiments. She’s by no means the last though!

There is much to be learned as an artist from Olga and what she is doing. Both from her awesomely informative videos and by studying how she operates as a content creator.

Let’s discuss her acrylic pouring first. She gets really beautiful results and is constantly progressing as an artist. I hadn’t checked out her videos in a little bit but while writing this I took a peek to see what she has been up to lately and she has gotten better for sure.

Both as an artist and a video producer. Subscribe to her channel by clicking here!

The good news is she has a vast library of videos AND blog posts for you to learn her techniques from.

She explains and displays many of her techniques so you can see for yourself how to do them. She often experiments with various mixing recipes sharing them as she goes so you can get a good idea of what ratios to use for your own mixes.

On her website, which you can check out by clicking here, where she has a ton of resources for you to check out and use. She has information on how you can get started as well as things you can do with the leftover paint from your pours. (commonly referred to as skins)

She even has created a special pour calculator for you to use so you can make sure you are using the exact right amount of paint to cover your canvas!

Olga has been working hard the past few years to build up her brand, Smart Art Materials, across the net. In my opinion, this is how it should be done.

She’s not just a YouTube channel. She’s not just a website. She has built an established brand and a growing community around that brand across multiple platforms online.

It’s certainly something worth taking note of, applauding, and studying if you’re interested in building your art career as an online creator.

Rinske Douna

Rinske Douna is an abstract painting and acrylic pouring artists who, like many on this list, has rose to prominence on YouTube in the past year or two.

If you check out the video featured above you will see why. I don’t know what kind of camera she is using but the quality of the footage is excellent.

She gets such sharp and beautiful shots it makes it difficult not to be captivated by the content. The music is laid back making it relaxing to just sit back and watch her work.

If you’re a fan of watching chill and relaxing painting processes click here to go subscribe to her channel now!

Perhaps there is something I can learn from this myself. I’ve been doing voice overs for my videos and trying to be continuously talking the whole time in an effort to deliver actionable information you can use.

My channel is still rather new and the data I get isn’t great but people have a tendency to jump around in my videos and it has made me wonder if I’m talking too much.

While going through the artists on this page another thing I have noticed some of them doing is utilizing the time stamp feature to cut up their video into pieces. Seeing as people like to jump around in my content perhaps this might be good for me to experiment with as well.

Being successful on YouTube is all about the watch time. So if you are hoping to start your own channel one day these are the little things to observe and pay attention to.

While Rinske hosts her content she doesn’t always explain in a ton of detail everything she is doing or why. She does sometimes explain the experiments she is conducting in the video or something she is doing differently but I haven’t found too many recent videos where she goes into a ton of detail on her process.

There is always much to be learn simply from observing artists work but its nice to get that extra insight and information from time to time like what Olga does with Smart Art Materials.

Speaking of which, it seems Rinske, Olga, and one other artist I’m not familiar with have all collaborated to create a pouring course for you to try.

This course is being offered from both of their websites but here is the link to the page on Rinske’s website for you to check it out.

Rinske’s website, like her YouTube videos, is very sleek and clean.

The thing I like about what both Rinske and Olga are doing is that they are monetizing their work in multiple ways and not relying solely on YouTube advertising revenue.

They both have places on their websites where you can purchase their artwork, where they recommend their favorite art supplies through affiliates, and now they both have this course that they made together which they are able to sell on their sites as well.

Rinske even takes commissions from her website too!

Both of these artists are providing a good example of how to get more out of your artwork! Not to mention all of the art skills you can learn from listening to their information and watching them work!

Left Brained Artist

The Left Brained Artist, a.k.a. David, is another creator who really understands the importance of providing helpful information for other artists to learn from.

I have been following his work and growth for the last year or so and it has been a real pleasure to see him grow. Both as an artist and as a content creator.

David is an IT professional by trade and his brand is somewhat of a nod to that fact. He uses the analytical half of his mind that he has gained from his career as an IT professional to analyze paint pouring in a way that really breaks it down so it’s more easily understandable.

In the video featured above he goes into great detail on the various consistencies you should be looking for when mixing your paints and pouring mediums for your pours.

He has a number of tips that I had never come across before which further hammers home the value of his analytical process.

His channel has just begun to take off in the last few months and I expect 2021 will bring him a substantial amount of growth. Click here to go over and subscribe to his channel and join him on his journey!

Like some of the other artists previously mentioned on this list The Left Brained brand also has a fantastic website with a ton of written content to pick through.

There are all kinds of tips and techniques to be found among his written content which you can check out by clicking here!

I’m really excited to see where he goes as an artist and to watch him grow. That is one thing I particularly like seeing myself which is part of the reason I am creating this site and my own channel.

I want to document my journey and growth as an artist so that I can share that with you and help you with yours.

David very clearly has the same approach with the brand he is building and setting a good example of how to play the online game right.

While I don’t feel it’s entirely necessary to take it as far as people like David, Olga, Rinske, and myself when it comes to establishing yourself online as an artist, I do think that building your art brand across multiple platforms is 100% necessary.

Those artists who do not have an online presence will lose in the long run to artists like us who are putting in the effort to make ourselves discoverable in a variety of ways.

Keep your eye on The Left Brained Artist as he is going to provide you with an excellent case study on how to become a full-time artist online! I am sure of it!

John Franklin Art

John Franklin Art is another fantastic acrylic pouring YouTube channel to check out.

I must admit that he really has a way of creating a high level of intrigue with his thumbnails.

He has a particular approach where he always shows some sort of object and the colors he is going to use. Once you have seen one of his videos you begin to realize that the object he shows in his thumbnails he is going to use as a part of his pouring technique.

Naturally, when you see his videos pop up with a very unique object it creates the question in your mind “I wonder how in the hell he is going to use THAT for an acrylic pour!?!”. Thus leading you to click on the video and check it out.

This is a truly masterful approach he is taking and I know it works on me all the time. I have to wonder what the numbers actually reflect but this is certainly a technique to take note of if you are interested in starting your very own acrylic pouring channel.

As for the quality of his content, he does an excellent job explaining his process in text across the screen.

In the video above he shows how to do a pour on a tile and seal it with epoxy resin for a very glassy result. The only thing he doesn’t cover in the video that I wish he would have mentioned something about is the paints he is using.

As a pour artist myself, I always want to hear about what paints and pouring mediums you are using for your pours. There are so many recipes out there and different ways to approach it I always find it interesting to hear how other artists are mixing their paints.

Other than that, he seems to toe the line between chill and relaxing to watch while also informing through text on the screen in a way that I think would serve multiple audiences.

I find there are two basic people that watch art videos. They usually are artists themselves looking to learn some sort of art technique or get inspiration.

Beyond that, there are people who get a sense of satisfaction out of simply watching the process of an artist create.

I get the sense that John’s content can potentially be appealing to both. Maybe a little bit less to those who are watching and don’t care for the large text tips on the screen that obstruct their view of the process a bit.

Either way, he is doing really great work! He is very creative when it comes to his pouring techniques and his content creation is top notch too!

Now, the last thing I have to look at is how is he conducting his business. He serves as yet another great example to look at for how to make a living online as an artist.

He provides informative content that will help artists get excellent results, leading to the growth of a large audience across multiple platforms creating a substantial brand, and he has numerous ways to monetize that audience.

Besides the ad revenue he is earning from YouTube he also has a Patreon page where you can support his channel for extra information. Now that I’m looking at the details of what he provides to his Patreon supporters apparently at the 2 dollars a month level of support you get access to his color mixing recipes.

Just minutes ago I was writing about how pouring artists always want to know this and he purposely leaves it out of his videos to incentivize Patreon subscriptions. Have I commented yet how brilliant this guy is?!?

Each level of support further ingratiates his fans and provides them with better discounts on his artwork. I’d be willing to bet this eventually leads to art sales on his Etsy storefront too.

I love finding stuff like this. This is what I want to collect on this site and my channel. There are a lot of different ways to approach creating an online income as an artist.

It’s really just a matter of mixing and matching the various things that work with you and who you are.

Life Is Kumquat

This acrylic pour artist only recently popped up in my feed with the release of the above video. I’m pretty sure this artist is the originator of this type of video.

The 20 different acrylic pouring techniques video really took off for them and as a result a few other channels copied the idea. That’s how this game goes sometimes though.

It looks like this channel is still working on developing and growing but I do like the quality of their thumbnails and the pouring results that they get.

From what I can tell they primarily use ready to pour fluid paints by Arteza. I may have to give some of these pre-mixed pouring paints a try as the quality of the results looks much better than anything I’ve been able to mix myself with Floetrol.

After watching many of the artists on this list work I’m beginning to wonder how good Floetrol even is as a pouring medium when there are plenty of artists that don’t use it and get great results with other pouring mediums.

Some of them even use just water!

With the increase in popularity that acrylic pouring has received in the past year or so, there does seem to be many more options available now when it comes to ready to pour paints you can get. We will have to try and get our hands on all of them to do a comprehensive review of what’s available at some point but these seem like really great options to go with for anyone who has never poured before.

In way of the content that “Life is Kumquat” provides, it is mostly the soothing and relaxing to watch sort of content. There isn’t really anything in way of explanations of what they are doing.

With the use of premixed pouring paints though it’s pretty easy to observe the rest of what is happening in the pouring technique. Half of the work in a pour painting is in getting the right mix on your paints so you end up with good results.

If the mix is too fluid or has foreign nasty things in it then your results will be muddy or simply gross looking. This means one of the benefits of using the premade pouring paints is the consistency of results.

The mix of paint and pouring medium is always the same and removes the time and trouble it takes to learn to mix the paints correctly.

On the other side of that coin, one of the downsides is this takes away a big factor in the creativity equation of acrylic pours. A good pouring artist will know and understand how to mix their paints with their own pouring mediums.

They will know how to get quality results with multiple types of paint and pouring mediums. They will also know how to manipulate those mixtures in order to get different effects and outcomes in their pours.

That said, there is still plenty of creativity to be had in the pouring half of the equation. How you go about pouring your paints makes a huge difference in the results you get too.

Life is Kumquat does a really great job of showing how you can get started as pouring artists using the premade pouring mixes and flexing your creativity when it comes to getting your pouring techniques built up.

This channel is still a bit smaller than most on this list but I think we will see them begin to grow nicely over the next few years. If you want to go over and support them click here to go subscribe now!

Mii Paintings

Mii paintings is another interesting pour artist to add to this list mainly because of the things she does to add a bit more artistic flavor to her pours.

The above painting is a really good example of this as she finishes it out with a pretty cool shadow pattern that adds just a bit more depth and intrigue to the painting.

Sometimes pour paintings can get a bit boring when all your results start to look alike.

I have to admit that there is a lot of room for improvement here in way of quality video production but she does the best she can to provide you with some information that will help you with your own pours.

Heck, her channel is doing way better than mine so who am I to cast judgment?

That said, in comparison with the more extended web presence some of the other artists on this list have she definitely has room for growth in the online realms.

I just really like the way she adds to her pours by painting on top of them in interesting ways once they are dry. Click here to go check out her channel and subscribe!

Pouring Your Heart Out

This is another channel that makes the list mainly for the level of interesting things she is doing with pouring.

This creator has been around growing her channel for some time now but after checking out her recent videos she has really gotten into doing these awesome resin pours lately.

This is something I would eventually like to try myself but she has really been getting into it and has a number of different videos on how to make geode epoxy resin coasters.

The use of the resin allows for some cool effects you can’t get any other way.

Due to the thickness of the resin you can create cool details suspended in space giving your work a three dimensional look and feel to it. This is really useful when going for that geode sort of a look allowing you to sprinkle in extra materials.

When I see channels like this I often get curious as to how much they are making use of the large audience they have built up.

She links in the description of her videos are to various other places on the web where you can find her brand and engage with her community but she makes such cool works of art I have to wonder why she isn’t providing a place for her audience to buy her work.

I know not every artist cares about these things in the way I do but I can’t help but wonder sometimes. Especially as I look for ways to build up my own audience and income as an artist.

Setting that aside though she is making some interesting art that I’m sure we can learn a lot from as aspiring artists ourselves! Click here to go to her channel and subscribe!

I’m writing and publishing this at the beginning of 2021. I’m sure in the year and years to come we will see many more amazingly creative pouring artist continue to emerge.

Each coming to the table with their own array of experiences and ideas to throw into the creative mix. We will have to wait and see what time pours out onto our viewing canvas!

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